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Amazon Prime Offers Student Loans

The e-commerce giant has stepped into making the education affordable and convenientAmazon has found itself in the list of resources which can be opted by the students to not go completely broke during their college courses. For...

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More Leaks For Apple iPhone 7

The tech giant upcoming device is the source of interest for several analystsIt’s an open secret that Apple Inc. is soon going to launch iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S and the users are impatiently waiting for yet another divine device....

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Google Under Anti-Trust Claims

The Internet search giant has been penalized for using undue advantage over its customers to increase its profitThe European Commission’s antitrust claims against Google, which has as of late stood out as truly newsworthy,...

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Yahoo Closes The Deal

The Internet service giant has finally handed over its company for a sum of $4.8 billionYahoo was the front way to the web for an early era of web clients, and its administrations still draw in a billion guests a month.In any...

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